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Supplements Enhance Performance

If you are runner then your body definitely requires extra care to maintain or enhance your performance accordingly. Those who are involved in athletic activities must add suitable supplements to reach their goals. But the question is what kind of running supplements one should take? As there are plenty of options in the market, people get confused which lead to wasting a lot of money. To save your money and time, you must have proper knowledge to invest. This blog will help you to recommend the right supplements so you don’t have to compromise with your performance. Here are top 5 runner supplements for best personal experience:

1. Pre-workout before Running: CAFFEINE

We all know the caffeine is key ingredient that has been added to many pre-workout drinks to increase the output and endurance of an athlete during a workout. Nothing can be compared with the kind of boost caffeine gives to body. Instead of any particular pre-workout with caffeine in it, we recommend you to have a cup of strong black coffee half an hour before you hit the ground.

2. BCAA 

You know your body need a lot of energy whether you are and endurance runner or high-intensity runner. BCCA contains important amino acids which is essential for protein synthesis in your body. BCCA supplements come in action when your body came at a point of exhaustion and loss all your energy while running. Sipping BCCA drink during a workout helps you delay your exhaustion point and perform for longer period of time.

3. Electrolytes

Hydration is the key for runners. Electrolytes plays an important role in hydration as balanced electrolytes leads to successful training and optimum performance. Lack of electrolytes can cause muscle fatigue, cramping, and frequent cramps in legs or stomach. So, it becomes necessary to fill your body with balanced electrolytes for digestive, cardiac, muscular and nervous systems to function well.

4. Collagen Peptide

Knee joints undergo a lot pressure while running which can lead to knee joint pain or other joint-related problems. It has been seen that people with weak joints are likely to get injured soon. Runners must take good care of their knees and put proper attention towards joint health. Adding Collagen peptide in your daily diet will help you alleviate joint pain, get rid of morning stiffness, promotes joint flexibility, lesser the risks of future fractures by providing strength to bones.

5. Lean Protein

Muscle recovery becomes important for runners, athletes or any other person involved in high-intensity activities. Adding protein helps you in recovering quickly and prepare you for your next running session. If you want to go for better running experience then you must take protein supplements to aid in fueling your muscles and stimulating protein synthesis. Whey protein of any recognized brand is the best option.

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