5 Ways Collagen Can Improve Your Health

Collagen is the structural protein present in the extracellular matrix. It helps in the formation of connective tissues that support our joints and gives our skin its strength and elasticity. It also plays a very important role to provide strength to our bones, nails and hair.

Collagen is the most important protein found in our body. It has many important functions, including providing your skin with structure and strengthening your bones. Lack of proper collagen leads sagging, early signs of ageing, stiff joints, brittle nails, weak hair roots etc.

Benefits of Collagen

Other than natural food sources, consumption of collagen from food supplements is the best way to get more conditional amino-acids, like arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline along with Collagen.

One can also try Collagen Diet that is rich in collagen protein whether it is taken from plant or animal sources to get required amino-acids. It is preferred to consume high collagen-rich foods and avoid eating too much sugar and carbohydrates to maintain the balance of collagen in our body. Smoking and excessive exposure to sun reduce the collagen production in the body.

Benefits of collagen

1. It Improves Health of Skin and Hair

As age increases, the production of collagen declines; Skin start losing its elasticity and early signs of ageing (wrinkles and fine lines) starts appearing, even leads to increase in stretch marks. Our diet has the biggest influence on our skin health. By increasing the intake of collagen in form of collagen rich food or collagen supplements, our skin looks firm and natural glowing. People prefer powderform of collagen because it can be easily added to any type of food and even easy consumable with juices and water.

The collagen is made from the animal tissues, the skin and the bones. The collagen powder peptide has taken from pasture-raised bovine and grass fed to ensure highly sustainable and high quality source of this powerful ingredient.

2. It Helps in Relieving Joint Pain

Mostly Type II collagen found in your cartilage.,Type II collagen found in your cartilage. Collagen present in protects the bones and their rubbing against each other. With age, lack of Collagen leads to joint pain and stiffness, and sometimes causes the serious joint disorders or diseases- osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Collagen- smooth and gel like structure allows movement without pain and decrease the chances of brittle bones. Also, taking Collagen supplements helps our body to use the amino acids to protect and rebuild your joint cartilage.

Collagen peptides (available in the form of supplements) are form of collagen helps in improvement of joint functions. These collagen proteins are the small proteins taken from animal sources. Collagen peptides contains more than 90% of the protein made from bovine, porcine and marine sources.

3. It Strengthens the Immune System

A boost in collagen may help increase our metabolism. Collagen is a complex protein and contains 19 different amino acids which include arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline. Glutamine is an amino-acid that is responsible for healthy and strong immune system. It involves in cellular repair and stimulation of immune cells that leads to speed up the healing process of an injury and infections.

4. It Helps to Heal the Leaky Gut

If a person suffers from leaky gut syndrome, in which it is difficult to pass food through the digestive tract, collagen is helpful in this condition by improving the digestion. The biggest digestive benefits of taking collagen is the formation of connective tissue that seals and heals the protective lining of gastro-intestinal tract. Collagen also reduces the inflammation and repairs the digestive tract.

5. It Helps in Detoxification

Glutamine and glycine found in collagen are very important amino-acids when it comes to health of our liver. These amino acids support body’s natural detoxification process. Glutamine and glycine both combines together and produce glutathione, that is the master antioxidant required by the liver to perform the process of detoxification.


Boosting collagen by food supplementation improves our appearance, strengthen immune system, increase muscle tone, support digestive system and reduce inflammation in joints. Collagen supplement consumption is quite easy safe. Collagen supplements also reduce the risk factors associated with heart. Incorporate more collagen to your diet and feel the difference.

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